How does it work? The roleplay is a modern world; in fact, it is Earth. The characters are YOU. You must roleplay (realistically) yourself. You can choose any race or class (including custom) but personality must be YOU. It is going to be based off 5th edition mechanics.

What is it about? You and your friends get together and are recruited to stop a magical force that has infiltrated Earth. One day you’re normal, the next day you’re not. You gain undiscovered abilities, powers, and even your appearance (if applicable) might change. Will you travel the world to stop the magical force before it destroys the Earth?

Requirements: You must use your real name (nicknames can apply). Also you are on Earth, Earth mechanics will apply.

Disclaimer: Even though you are roleplaying yourself, you can choose a different class and race. You will go through trials to be able to become that class and race at the beginning of the campaign. You can not have your starting alignment as evil.

Modern Earth D&D

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